First Aid Room Requirements

A first aid room will usually be necessary where there are higher hazards, or on larger sites.  A designated person should be responsible for supervising the first aid room.  Depending on your level of risk, a first aid room may also be required. The room should contain essential furniture and first aid supplies.  It must also be easily accessible to the emergency services and their equipment.  The room should ideally be reserved solely for first aid use and be clearly signposted and identified by white lettering or symbols on green background.

A first aid roomFirst Aid rooms should:

  • be large enough to hold an examination couch, a chair and any necessary additional equipment
  • have washable surfaces
  • have adequate heating, ventilation and lighting
  • be kept clean and tidy
  • be accessible and available for use at all times employees are in the workplace
  • be positioned as close as possible to an external access point
  • display a notice on the door advising of the names, locations and contact details of workplace first aiders

A typical First Aid Room may contain:

  • a sink with hot and cold running water
  • drinking water with disposable cups
  • soap and paper towels
  • storage for first aid materials
  • a foot operated refuse bin with liner
  • a container suitable for clinical waste
  • an examination couch with waterproof protection and disposable covering
  • clean pillows and blankets
  • a chair
  • a telephone or other means of communication
  • a record or accident book