Comparing Regulated First Aid courses

This table highlights the syllabus contents for our Ofqual Regulated First Aid Qualifications.  Your First Aid Needs Assessment should identify the most appropriate course for your employees based on your specific risks and environment.  If you require assistance to carry out your needs assessment, Safe Hands will be happy to help.  

First Aid Needs Assessment

We can provide a First Aid Needs Assessment at a cost of £150, however this is provided free of charge if you go on to book training with us.

TopicEmergency First Aid at Work
First Aid at Work
First Aid at Work Requalification
Emergency Paediatric
Paediatric First Aid
First aid at Work Annual Refresher
Activity First Aid
HSE guidelines for workplace first aid
Role & responsibilities of the first aider
Action in an emergency
Incident recording and use of available equipment
Hygiene and preventing cross-infection
Adult CPR
Adult choking
Infant & child choking
Unconscious casualty
External bleeding
Minor injuries
Child CPR
Infant CPR
Bone, muscle & joint injuries
Head & spinal injuries
Chest & abdominal injuries
Electric shock
Severe burns & scalds
Eye injuries
Heart conditions
Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)
Conditions affecting the eyes, ears & nose
Sickle cell crisis
Febrile convulsions
Extremes of heat & cold
Bites & stings

Important Note:

Topics denoted with  * are not covered in the Emergency First Aid at Work or Emergency Paediatric Syllabus

First aiders should be trained to deal with the possible injuries or illnesses identified in their First Aid Needs Assessment.  If First Aid at Work training is identified, it is not acceptable to only provide Emergency First Aiders and you should select full First Aid at Work Training instead.  Your First Aid needs assessment will help you to decide how many first aiders you will need but provision for holiday cover, annual leave and illness should be taken into consideration.