Emergency First Aid at Work

£90per person
  • Basic introduction to workplace First Aid delivered over 1 day

First Aid at Work

£230per person
  • Comprehensive 3 day course on workplace First Aid

FAW Requalification

£160per person
  • Revalidation course for First Aid at Work delivered over 2 days

Paediatric First Aid

£120per person
  • Comprehensive 2 day course on First Aid for children delivered

Sports Injury Level 1

£60per person
  • Basic introduction to dealing with sports injuries – delivered over 1 day

Sports Injury Level 2

£120per person
  • Two day course on management of common sports injuries – suitable for SYFA

Defibrillator & CPR

£50per person
  • Half day course focussing on Basic Life Support & use of an AED device

Allergy Awareness

£50per person
  • Half day course on common allergies (includes Anaphylaxis and auto-injectors)

Annual Skills Update

£45per person
  • HSE recommended 3 hour refresher course to help you avoid ‘skill fade’

Baby & Child First Aid

£60per person
  • Basic paediatric First Aid training for those NOT working with children professionally

Basic First Aid

£60per person
  • Introduction to life saving techniques (adults) – not suitable for workplaces

Standard First Aid

£120per person
  • In-depth First Aid training covering a range of conditions – not suitable for workplaces

Family First Aid

£85per group of 4*
  • Basic First Aid skills for all the family. *Groups must be a mixture of adults & children.

Basic First Aid (Evenings)

£60per person
  • Basic First Aid training delivered over 2 x 3 hour sessions (weekday evenings)

Baby & Child (Evenings)

£60per person
  • Simple paediatric First Aid delivered over 2 x 3 hour sessions (weekday evenings)

FAW (day release)

£230per person
  • HSE recommended 3 day course delivered over 3 consecutive weeks