Equality Policy  |  Safe Hands First Aid Training Ltd

Safe Hands First Aid Training Ltd is an equal opportunity provider taking into account the diversity of all staff, customers and learners.

We believe that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their religion, beliefs, age, gender, race, disability or sexual orientation. This includes gender reassignment, marriage & civil partnership, pregnancy & maternity and ethnicity. No staff member, customer, learner or member of the public will receive less favourable treatment or be subjected to any form of discrimination prior to or during their engagement in our activities.

We are committed to making sure individuals with additional needs, disabilities, temporary illness or injury or other adverse circumstance outside their control are not unfairly disadvantaged when undertaking qualifications or assessments.

This policy is supported by everyone within our organisation.  The legislation it represents will be taken into account during the design and development of all our material. It runs through every aspect of our work.  We understand the importance of equality and diversity and will ensure that this policy is being implemented by all concerned.


 This policy takes into account the following existing legislation where appropriate: –

  • The Equality Act 2010
  • The Equal Pay Act 1970
  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Civil Partnership Act 2004
  • Gender Recognition Act 2004
  • The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  • The Asylum & Immigration Act 1996
  • Employment Equality Act 2015
  • Equal Status Act 2015
  • Education (Scotland) Act 2016
  • Children and Young People Act (Scotland) 2014

Our Responsibilities

We will promote a positive environment where staff, customers and learners feel valued, respected and included. Every trainer and learner will be informed of the existence of this policy and our expectations of them under its terms. Harassment, exclusion and bullying will not be tolerated on any level.  Staff and learners should feel comfortable during their time with us and have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. 

  • We will ensure that fair standards of practice are maintained in line with our awarding body policies and guidelines;
  • We will disseminate information on new and revised policies and guidelines to all staff through regular induction training;
  • All staff must adhere to and comply with this policy and the spirit in which it is written;
  • It is our expectation that our staff will treat colleagues, customers, learners and members of the public with courtesy, respect and consideration at all times;
  • If any member of staff believes that a form of discrimination is taking place within the business, it is their responsibility to report this to the company director at the first opportunity.

Your Rights & Responsibilities

As our customer you can expect to be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration at all times by our staff and we expect you to treat our staff in the same way.  As a customer and/or learner with us, you can expect to be treated fairly and equally at all times.  You will not be discriminated against or treated less favourably in any way on the grounds of your religion, beliefs, age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage & civil partnership, pregnancy & maternity or ethnicity. Aggressive, anti-social behaviour or discriminatory behaviour towards other learners or our staff is unacceptable and you may be asked to leave the training course.

Feedback and Complaints

We will deal with any complaints of unfair treatment quickly and in a constructive manner, inline with guidance from our awarding body Qualsafe Awards.

Feedback and complaints will be dealt with sensitively in line with our general Complaints Procedures.  We appreciate that discrimination can be a difficult subject to raise and that individuals may feel uncomfortable or intimidated.  We are committed to ensuring that individuals are able to come forward without fear of further discrimination. 

Persons wishing to make a comment or complaint should put their concerns in writing to the Director:

Victoria O’Neill                                                                                                                                  

Safe Hands First Aid Training Ltd

6 Craigs Way,


Falkirk FK2 0EU

Email: victoria@safehandstraining.co.uk 

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to change this Equality Policy from time to time to ensure that it complies with current legal requirements or to implement changes to our services.  This policy was last updated on 29th July 2020.