hse_guidanceDue Diligence

In October 2013 the HSE published its new guidance and regulation surrounding first aid at work. The requirements to have suitably qualified first aiders in the workplace have not changed, however the changes do mean that there will no longer be a requirement for the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to approve first aid at work training providers.

The HSE have stated the following in their guidance to employers:

“As an employer, you have a number of options available to you when selecting a first aid training provider. HSE does not advocate, promote or support any particular option. You should select the most suitable option for your requirements.”

This will give Employers greater choice in selecting a training company however, Employers are obligated to ensure their provider is of a suitable standard to provide adequate training services. The HSE have termed this check as “due diligence”.  From October 2015, First Aid Training providers will be required to hold a full teaching qualification.

Download the Safe Hands First Aid Training ‘Due Diligence’ table referencing HSE checklist guidelines below:

Safe Hands Due Diligence Statement